Exhibition Period: 30th Oct 2018 – 18th Nov 2018
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm Daily
Venue: Regency Art Hotel Lobby Gallery
Organiser: YunYi Arts & Culture
Sponsors: MACAU Foundation/Regency Apart Hotel/Chiu Yeong Culture

Introduction 作品介紹

Mobile Voyages

During Luis Guatavo Martins’s several voyages around the world (mainly in the scope of his travels for teaching and conferences, as a researcher and as an academic) Gustavo likes to experience the atmosphere of the places he visits and the charisma of the people he meets (usually total strangers), as a way to feel and assimilate impressions on the different cultures, traditions, history, architecture and ways of living that make up the human richness of an evermore globalized world, but that are nevertheless still quite frequently different from his own Portuguese (and European) cultural background.

Being an enthusiast of technology, he always tries to explore new ways to take advantage of technology as a novel creative tool and medium. As a result, he started using his “always in the pocket” smartphone as a convenient lens through which he was able to register his personal and subjective view on the world around him, coming to grips with the smartphone’s inherent image and sound limitations, taking them as a creativity opportunity, instead of an obstacle.

Traveling most of the times alone, he started sharing with family and friends the images of his voyages, in an attempt to let them experience vicariously his feelings and subjective impressions, while at the same time making him feel a little bit more accompanied in his journeys alone and away from home.

This exhibition presents a selection of images of some of these journeys.






About The Artist 關於創作人

Luis Gustavo Martins was born in Sever do Vouga, Portugal, in 1974, and is a Professor and a Researcher in the area of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, with a special interest in Science and Technology of the Arts, Digital Arts and Digital Creativity, and a particular enthusiasm about Digital Sound and Computer and Electronic Music.

He graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Porto (FEUP), Portugal, in 1997, and obtained his Master Degree in 2002 in the area of Multimedia Processing. He received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Porto (FEUP), in 2009.

In the past years he has been appointed as Director of the Digital Creativity Center (CCD) and Vice-Director of the Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR), as well as Director of the Sound and Image Department, at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) – Porto, where he currently holds a tenure-track Professor position. He is currently Vice Rector for Research and Innovation at UCP. Luis Gustavo is also an Invited Professor at University Saint-Koseph (USJ), in Macau (which he has been visiting regularly for the past 6 years), and has collaborated with several other internationally acclaimed R&D centers and universities.

Luis Gustavo Martins 1974年出生於葡萄牙西弗都沃加。是一名電腦科學及電子工程的教授及研究員。他亦特別對科學技術方面的藝術有興趣、電子美學及電子化創作亦是他的愛好,尤其醉心於電子聲學及電子音樂。