Working To Promote Art And Culture In And Around Macau

YunYi is a non-profit, collaborative arts organization that is working to promote art and culture in and around Macau. YunYi organizes festivals and exhibitions for music, visual art, photography, and other multimedia art forms, providing local artists opportunities to expand and grow in their careers, and to share their work with the general public on a large scale. Also to that end, YunYi brings together artists from Macau with international artists from every corner of the globe, in order to promote the intellectual sharing of ideas between all cultures.



雲霓 為非牟利藝術合作團體,致力促進澳門與國內外的文化藝術交流活動。雲霓籌劃活動的範疇包括:音樂、視覺藝術、攝影、多媒體展示各類別比賽以及其他形式表演。雲霓為本地藝術工作者提供更良好的機會及視野,培養創造能力,製作能力和欣賞能力協助他們發揮所長,推動本地藝術作品走向更廣闊的層面。於此同時,雲霓亦放眼國際,務求為本地藝術的交流築建一個穩定的平台,邀請四方各地的藝術家前來,與本地藝術工作者和團體進行互動交流,共同推進澳門藝術穩步持續發展進而邁向國際化。

Christine Hong Barbosa – Founder & Director

YunYi was founded with one vision in sight – to provide a “stage” for local and international talents to showcase their Arts, whether they are mainstream, lesser known or pioneer of its kind. Through these projects, I get to spend time with the artists and learn about how they pave their creative paths. I’m inspired to be more creative that way, and I hope the rest of the community would feel the same.


C S Eric Wong – Curator

Eric Wong is a Macau based curator, interior designer, artist advocate and exhibition producer with a practice driven by his passion for art, sharing knowledge, supporting emerging artists, and bringing people and ideas together. His curatorial projects have focused on promoting new dialogues, challenging preconceived ideas/ideals, and exploring the transformative and performative nature of art and curatorial practice. Eric has been working in the arts sector since 2018, he is the current curator for the Yunyi – Arts and Cultural Communications Association.